Summer Games Done Quick raises £2.49million this year

This year marked the second-highest amount of donations for Summer Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ), the annual speedrunning event, has raised another couple of million for the Doctors Without Borders charity organisation. 

The total amount donated was $3,017,120.49, which converts to roughly £2.49million. These donations came from 134 different speed runs, which included various per cent completions of iconic titles such as Shadow Of The Colossus, Perfect Dark, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, and more.

Shadow Of The Colossus
Shadow Of The Colossus. Credit: Team Ico


While the highest figure recorded to date came from this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) with a staggering $3,442,033/£2,843,481.02, this is the fourth highest donation amount to date, and the second-highest SGDQ figure. The SGDQ record is still held by 2019’s event, which raised $3,039,596 (£2,511,025.76) total, and was also the first GDQ event to raise over $3million.

There were a total of 42,075 donations overall, with there being 23,915 different donors. Donations were broken down into the maximum of $238,310.00 (£196,869.11), while the average donation was $71.71 (£59.24) and the median was $25.00 (£20.65).

This year’s SGDQ also marked the first time a Games Done Quick event had been hosted in-person since the COVID pandemic hit, with 2020’s SGDQ, 2021’s events, and 2022’s AGDQ all being hosted digitally.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Credit: PlatinumGames

The events are streamed on Twitch, with Games Done Quick first starting back in 2010. While SGDQ is held in June or July each year, AGDQ is held in January and raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Each event is held over the course of seven days.

In other news, Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy and Deus Ex narrative designer Mary DeMarle has joined Bioware as its new senior narrative designer. While there’s confirmation of what games she’ll be working on, it is presumed that she could be involved in the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadfwolf and Mass Effect game. Neither title has a release window as of the time of publication.

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