‘Superhot VR’ is being review bombed after removing self harm scenes

"These scenes have no place in superhot virtual reality. We regret it took us so long"

Content warning: this article mentions self-harm and suicide.

Superhot VR is currently being review bombed on Steam due to removing “all scenes alluding to self harm”, which some fans have described as a “slap in the face to consumers”.

On Wednesday (July 21), developers Superhot Team removed scenes from Superhot VR where the player was forced to harm themselves to progress the game.


The content in question involved two scenes (thanks, The Gamer). The first required the player to step from a tall building and fall to their death, while the second made the player raise a gun to their own head and fire.

The change has proved unpopular with a vocal section of fans, who have been review bombing (flooding with negative reviews) the game to protest the cut. One review dramatically suggests that it should be “illegal” for studios to cut content after purchasing, while another accuses the studio of “pulling a Disney move” by censoring content.

Steam has flagged many of these reviews as “off-topic review activity”, which seeks to limit the damage caused by players who are negatively reviewing a game due to actions taken by the developer. Despite that, over 400 negative reviews have flooded the Superhot VR Steam page since the change.

Some are particularly unhappy with the content being removed completely, when previously there was an option to “skip disturbing scenes”. On Steam, the Superhot Team addressed this change by saying “considering [the] sensitive time we’re living in, we can do better than that.”

Following up, the developer states:


“You deserve better. All scenes alluding to self harm are now completely removed from the game. These scenes have no place in superhot virtual reality. We regret it took us so long.”

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