‘SuperPower 3’ trailer tasks players with the small task of world domination

Fancy a little bit of world domination?

During the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase, a trailer for upcoming strategy game SuperPower 3 was released and it shows an escalating global crisis with an explosive finale.

After teasing “super big news” on Twitter, Golem Labs Studios has revealed a first look at SuperPower 3, a grand-strategy political game where players must navigate a series of high-stakes global crises to come out on top as world leader.

The overall aim is “to lead your chosen nation to world domination or to master special scenarios” within the game, with a press release mentioning that players will need to manage every aspect of running a country – from military strategy to economy, diplomacy and social development – to succeed.


The SuperPower 3 trailer shows one such example of crisis management in action, as it opens with a news broadcast where a fictional U.S. President addresses an ongoing crisis with China, seemingly caused – or aggravated – by oil embargos.

As the video progresses, the effect of political rhetoric is shown with escalating military action, ramping up from troop deployment to combat and eventually a full-blown nuclear strike. The video description shares the following on what to expect:

“Challenge your knowledge about demography, economics, military strategy, as well as social and political issues across the globe in the most complete and accurate geopolitical situation game to date.”

Within these issues, players will need to “solve real-life conflicts, with solutions no-one previously thought possible”. Thinking out of the box will allow strategy fans to see how their decisions affect the wider world, with the potential to even change history.

SuperPower 3 will be available to play on PC, and will launch on Steam.


In other news, fantasy MMO Guild Wars 2 is adding DirectX11 support after nine years, with first testing for the back-end changes beginning next week (September 21).

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