‘Synduality’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi shooter from Bandai Namco

The year is 2222 and everything is awful

Bandai Namco announced new sci-fi shooter Synduality during Sony’s most recent State Of Play presentation.

Synduality is set in 2222 “years after a mysterious poisonous rain called ‘The Tears Of The New Moon’ wiped out most of humanity and birthed deformed creatures that now hunt the population,” according to the official synopsis.

“Amidst the calamity, humans are forced to build an underground haven named Amasia, where they discover and begin to collaborate with forms of artificial intelligence called Magus.” Synduality will see players take on the role of Drifters, “people who make a living collecting the rare resource of AO crystals” with the assistance of a customisable armed vehicle known as as Cradle Coffin.


On the plus side, Drifters will be able to use their AI partners to “guide them through their journey, help them in fights and provide directions, hints and warnings.” However, players will also have to contend with “xenomorphic creatures known as Enders.”

The concept for Synduality “started a couple of years back when our team grouped together and passionately discussed how we can break ourselves into—or even break the whole barrier, of the sci-fi genre,” wrote producer Yosuke Futami.

‘Synduality’: CREDIT: Bandai Namco

“With the emergence of technology these days, and how artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more prominent in our daily lives, we were particularly interested in how humans and AI would interact with each other in the future. Will they coexist? Do they have the same belief on feelings, or sense of emotion? Can they intertwine? Those were the questions that” became central to Synduality, she continued.

Synduality will be released on current-gen consoles and will offer multiplayer, though it doesn’t currently have a release date.


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