Take-Two issues DMCA takedown over VR mods

Modding community Flat2VR called it “a very poor precedent for VR modding”

Take-Two has issued VR modder Luke Ross with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown over their mods of games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mafia Definitive Edition.

Ross is known for creating VR conversion mods for a number of triple-A games and getting support for them via their Patreon, and a statement from yesterday confirms that Take-Two has issued a DMCA takedown in relation to their mods of the company’s games.

“I just received a DMCA takedown notice from Take-Two Interactive Software […] They are demanding that I remove all their copyrighted works from my Patreon page.


“I immediately asked for clarifications, since it is my belief that I’m not hosting any such materials […] none of my modifications are built using software belonging to Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc, and the modifications are not intended to replace their games, nor are they a means of exploiting Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc’s proprietary IP or assets,” continued Ross. “All of my modifications require that users buy and own the games before they can add my modifications.

“To prevent unrelated discussions, please note that this was filed as a copyright issue and not a licensing issue, so the motivation for the request does not appear to be related to the fact that there is money involved.”

Since the publication of this note, Ross has said that Patreon is attempting to set up a direct channel with Take-Two so the issue can hopefully be resolved.

GTA V. Credit: Rockstar Games

Modding community Flat2VR has responded to the takedown, calling it an “anti-consumer DMCA request,” and “a very poor precedent for VR modding.”


Ross has developed a number of VR mods for games, including the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Red Dead Redemption 2. They’re supported in these endeavours by those who make donations to them on Patreon, although players will need to make sure they own original and legitimate copies of these games to play the VR mods.

This isn’t the first time Take-Two has been stringent with DMCA takedowns, as the company has issued notices on a number of mods like suing the modders behind a reverse engineering project, and issuing a takedown over a GTA 4 project as well.

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