Take-Two issues DMCA takedowns for several popular ‘GTA’ mods

One project affected by the takedowns launched over 15 years ago

Take-Two Interactive has issued several DMCA takedowns for popular GTA mods, causing several projects to shut down.

For the second time in less than a year, Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has taken aim at fan-made mod projects.

The publisher served DMCA takedown notices to several projects in the past week, including the Vice City Overhaul, which ported the existing map’s assets into GTA V.


Other mods affected by the takedown include GTA: Underground, which combined several maps from the series and other games into one place. Take-Two also took down PC ports of the PSP titles Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. A full list of the affected mods can be found here.

According to a post on GTA Forums, Take-Two Interactive agreed to let players mod GTA games as long as they did not port old content into new games or mod online content. The post details how Take-Two supposedly went back on this agreement, changing the rules around mods to include no new content.

Take-Two allegedly changed the agreement in 2019 without alerting players. The new agreement also limited modders from creating new single-player content, including maps, vehicles and missions.

The community is understandably frustrated, considering some creators have worked on projects for over 15 years. One prominent modder has announced that he will no longer create content for the series.

Players and modders are questioning Take-Two’s motivations behind the takedowns. Some believe the developer could be preparing several remasters of older games or that the takedowns could be linked to the rumoured ongoing development of GTA 6.


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