Tenth anniversary of ‘Morrowind Rebirth’ brings huge new update

"Pretty much every settlement and settled area have been altered in one way or another.”

Morrowind Rebirth celebrates its tenth anniversary today (March 29), and a massive update has just been released.

Taking over a decade to create, Morrowind Rebirth is a remaster mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that has gained significant popularity in the ten years since its release. The update has polished, retextured, and added many assets and locations to the game.

Version 5.4, as the update is named, has added assets and rescripts to NPCs in locations like Tel Aruhn, Balmora, Dagon Fel, Maar Gan, Suran,and Ebonheart. The total number of upgraded locations is 16, with various fixes and edits made to each.


New armour in the form of the Silver Saint Shield and the Cephalopod Gauntlets have been added, along with Voroyn’s Ring and Dread. Multiple items of weapons and clothing have also arrived in Morrowind, alongside four new spells and a new creature – the Silver Saint.

The four new spells each have three types (Strong, Great, or Wild), and are Burning Touch, Freezing Touch, Shocking Touch, and Poisonous Touch. Ten new magic armour types and five magic clothing items have also been included.

Due to the amount of updated material, the Morrowind Rebirth devs have recommended players start a new game when updating to 5.4. In the update announcement, they described the update as “So massive in fact that pretty much every settlement and settled area have been altered in one way or another.”

In February it was announced that the comprehensive fan-made Skyrim mod Enderal will soon be compatible with Skyrim Special Edition and will also see a standalone release on Steam. Released during 2019, the mod received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and currently has a “very positive” review rating on its Steam page.

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