‘Terraria’ developer admits it’s “hard to move on” due to 12 years of strong sales

It's unlikely that the 1.4.5 update will be the last

Re-Logic founder Andrew Spinks has shared that it’s difficult for the studio to move on from Terraria because the sandbox game still sells so well — over a decade after its release on PC.

Spinks has since deleted his Twitter account, however, he explained on the social media site that the staggering response to the game is what keeps the lights on for the Re-Logic team. “After 12 years the game still sells like hot cakes,” he said. “There is so much demand it makes it hard to move on.”

Terraria is one of the best-selling games ever made, eclipsing heavy-hitters like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And, as GamesRadar mentioned, it’s the first indie game to accrue one million positive reviews on Steam.


Terraria console update 1.4.3
Terraria. Credit: Re-Logic.

Support for Terraria was intended to wrap up in 2020, with the “Journey’s End” update, timed to release on the ninth anniversary of the game. Yet, five months after that, the “Journey’s Actual End” update rolled out. Then, support for the Steam Workshop came out in February 2021, and a crossover with Don’t Starve Together was announced in November 2021, and after that, the “Labor of Love” update landed in September 2022.

Thus, Terraria 1.4.5 is meant to be the “final” update though we wouldn’t be too surprised to see some more smaller updates in the future. Re-Logic itself admitted that it “really can’t seem to help ourselves” when it comes to reinvigorating the game with new additions.

In other gaming news, Overwatch 2 fans found out that the next lot of story missions won’t be arriving for a while, insinuating there will be a multi-season break between narrative beats.

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