‘Terraria’ developer shares what to expect from ‘Labor Of Love’ update and beyond

Re-Logic is "putting the finishing touches" on a series of patches for console and mobile versions of 'Terraria'

Terraria developer Re-Logic has teased a brief look at the game’s next update, Labor Of Love, and shared what else the team is working on.

In a State Of The Game blog post, Re-Logic has touched on what fans can expect from Terraria‘s Labor Of Love update.

“The team remains hard at work on a variety of quality of life and balance updates alongside some other fun additions that will be coming your way with the Labor Of Love update,” reads the blog.


Re-Logic also revealed one such quality of life feature coming with the Labor Of Love update. As detailed in the blog, the stackable limit for many items in the game will be increased dramatically.

Terraria. Credit: Re-Logic

“Simply put, we are increasing the stack size of nearly every stackable item in the game to 9999. Please note that there are some exceptions to this, but only around 10-15 which had to be kept as-is for mechanical purposes,” explained Re-Logic.

It’s an incredibly useful feature for Terraria, as the sheer amount of materials and other items in the game means that inventory management often proves difficult.

Though Re-Logic says it is “almost solely focused” on the upcoming Labor Of Love update, it remained fairly tight-lipped on what to expect and said that fans “will have to stay tuned to find out” what else will be included.


After Labor Of Love launches, the studio says it is “eager to get back onto progressing our second game.”

Elsewhere in the blog, Re-Logic confirmed that it is “putting the finishing touches” on releasing patches 1.4.1 to 1.4.3 for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

“We are very close to being able to submit to all first parties for approval – but we cannot give an exact launch window yet because we do not know how long or how many review passes any given company will want,” added the studio.

In other news, E3 2022 has been cancelled entirely – meaning no physical or digital version of the event will take place.

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