‘Terraria’ update 1.4.4 “extremely close” to being finished

The Labor of Love update will feature an evolved version of the Void Bag

Terraria‘s highly-anticipated 1.4.4 update is apparently “extremely close” to the end of development and could release soon.

According to a new Terraria State of the Game blog post talking about the upcoming Labor of Love update, 1.4.4 has “reached a point where we feel like the end of development is extremely close”  (via PCGamesN).

Re-Logic explained that it has been “whittling down” the bugs and tasks lists, while also taking on community ideas. The developer also dived into what players can expect from the update, most notably the evolved Void Bag.


In Labor of Love the Void bag, the portable and personal storage container, is set to include an expanded functionality to enhance its use as an extra inventory. The developer said that in 1.4.4, the Void Bag can be opened or closed with Right Click. When it the Closed state, it will deactivate its ability to pick up extra items and act just like second Money Trough.

Terraria console update 1.4.3
Terraria. Credit: Re-Logic.

While the Void Bag is in the Opened state, a variety of new functions will be available. This includes the ability for crafting materials to be accessible for any crafting recipes. This means players won’t have to directly access the storage or summon the portal to be able to immediately craft with anything inside of the Void Bag.

Additionally, any healing, mana, or buff potions kept in the Void bag can be used directly using the respective hotkeys and the Mana Flower’s automatic potion can be pulled from it too.

Favourite items can also be stored inside, which was added because players can also Quick Stack to nearby chests anything inside of their opened Void Bag. Using Loot All on a chest with a full inventory will also deposit overflow in the Void Bag. There are even more items that will function automatically when placed in an Open Void Bag, including Info Accessories, building tools like the Paint Sprayer, Presserator, and more, as well as The Guide to Critter Companionship, keys, and Wormhole potions.

An exact release date for Terraria 1.4.4 has yet to be announced, but players can also expect more miscellaneous updates and quality-of-life changes.


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