‘Terraria’ wants “fun suggestions” from players for the ‘Labor Of Love’ update

It looks like update 1.4.4 could arrive soon

Re-Logic is looking for “fun suggestions” from players for Terraria‘s Labor Of Love update as it nears its endgame.

The long-awaited update 1.4.4 seems to be nearing the end of its development and Re-Logic is asking players for their input ahead of its release. It’s not yet confirmed when the patch will release, with the developer stating only earlier this month that it was “extremely close” to completion.

Lead developer Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks has said that Labor Of Love is now “in the end game” and while it’s done looking for serious suggestions for the content patch, “for fun suggestions are always welcome as usual” (via PCGamesN).


Terraria console update 1.4.3
Terraria. Credit: Re-Logic.

Over the course of the update’s development, Spinks has been interacting with fans and filling them in on queries regarding the game. In one case, he responded to a fan on Twitter asking for a fix on the background visual glitch that has been present in the game for a  while, to which he said, “I can’t remember, but I think we did fix that early on in this update.”

Spinks also mentioned that Terraria‘s famous clown character has been buffed, even though the bomb-throwing menace was nerfed a while back. “He got an upgrade in this update, too,” he said.

Among other tidbits, the lead developer also commented on a remark from YouTuber ChippyGaming who said, “No more suggestions for 1.4.4 – only ones for 1.5,” suggesting that the Re-Logic will never let the game lie. Spinks jokingly responded, “Ahh yes, 1.5 the long awaited final update,” making fun of the many  prior releases that have been labeled this way.

Labor Of Love is expected to bring a bunch of new quality-of-life content to Terraria as well as some extra features, including a massive update to the game’s Void bag.

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