The ‘Battlefield 2042’ open beta is likely to be pushed back to October

Might have to wait a bit longer

Rumours from a reliable Battlefield insider suggest that the Battlefield 2042 open beta will be delayed until October.

First spotted by VGC, insider Tom Henderson tweeted that he believes the Battlefield 2042 early access beta will begin October 6 for pre-order customers, with the open beta launching October 8.


The dates were found on an internal system that he is unable to share – so there’s no official confirmation yet, but it sounds plausible.

That’s because we already know that Battlefield 2042 has been delayed until November 19, with EA Dice stating that more information regarding the beta would follow later this month. Past rumours suggested that the open beta would begin on September 22 but that date is fast approaching and it seems likely that it will be pushed back, much like the game’s release.

Insider, Jeff Grubb, who sparked rumours surrounding the game’s delay has also said he’s heard that the September 22 beta may be delayed too.

It’s been a somewhat messy time for EA and Battlefield 2042. In the past few days, there have been multiple rumours that the game might be pushed back to 2022 with the company later confirming a November 19 release date. That wasn’t fast enough for some people, with the EA share price dropping thanks to the rumours, although things did bounce back slightly once an official date was confirmed.

For those players looking for the latest information on Battlefield 2042, the most recent gameplay footage came earlier this month and showcased specialist operators including Webster Mackay, Wikus ‘Caspter’ Van Daele, Maria Falck, and Pyotr ‘Boris’ Guskovsky.


In non-Battlefield 2042 news, Tales of Arise has shipped 1million copies already, making it the fast-selling game in the Tales franchise. The occasion was marked with a commemorative illustration by art director Minoru Iwamoto, thanking fans for making the game so successful.