‘The Callisto Protocol’ developer wants game to be “the start of a franchise”

Striking Distance would "love" to create a sequel for 'The Callisto Protocol', but is currently "100 per cent focused" on getting the first game ready

Striking Distance Studios has shared that it would “love” for The Callisto Protocol to “be the start of a franchise” for the company.

Speaking to PCGamesN, Striking Distance Studios’ chief creative officer Chris Stone shared that the developer would “love for The Callisto Protocol to be the start of a franchise”.

Stone added that looking ahead, Striking Distance has “no shortage of ideas” regarding what a potential sequel for what the upcoming sci-fi horror game could look like. However, right now Stone says the development team is “just 100 per cent focused on making The Callisto Protocol the best game it can be”.


Stone’s comments echo the view held by The Callisto Protocol‘s director, Glen Schofield. When asked about plans for a sequel, Schofield told IGN that The Callisto Protocol‘s publisher, Krafton, “wants to have a bigger spot in the world and I think they’re motivated and the right attitude, and so hopefully we’ll be seeing [a sequel].”

However, Schofield shared Stone’s caution, and noted that Striking Distance will “let the first one come out [and] see how it goes, and then the other stuff follows”. You can watch Schofield’s full interview with IGN below:

During last week’s Summer Game Fest, Striking Distance shared a first look at The Callisto Protocol in action. The game’s debut footage revealed an extensive gore system, the horror game’s variety of disgusting enemies, and a weaponised gravity gun – which players can use to throw enemies into fans and other environmental hazards.

The Callisto Protocol is set to launch in December 2022, and will be available on PC as well as all current and last-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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