‘The Crew 2’ is getting a 60FPS update for PS5 and Xbox Series X

New content is coming too, all as part of “Year 5”

Publisher and developer Ubisoft is committing to The Crew 2 for at least another year, bringing a 60FPS update to Xbox Series X and PS5, as well as plenty of new content, all as part of Year 5 for the game.

Community director François Roussel at Ubisoft explained in a new announcement video that “One of our main goals is to continue to deploy content for The Crew 2 and for all players.”

Brand director Delphine Dosset added “Year 5 will start this July, which means that three new seasons will be deployed, and The Crew 2 still has a lot of promises to fulfil. This is why we will continue to add a lot of content to the game in upcoming months.”


This new content will include new cars; new events; rewards; competitions, and more improvements.

The new console update was left to Quentin Betton (live project coordinator) to explain. Betton said that the team is well aware one of the most requested features is 60FPS gameplay on the PS5 and Xbox Series of consoles. “As you might expect, we have been investigating this matter for quite a while,” Betton said, “but it has been a bit more complex than it seems. We’ve been able to make huge development strides and we have now entered the testing phase.”

The Crew 2 getting a PS5 and Xbox Series X update
The Crew 2. Credit: Ubisoft

That said, the update isn’t quite ready yet, as Betton said there is still some distance to cover before the team is where it would like to be. Instead, the aim is to deliver this current-gen update by July of this year, though the 60FPS feature is only going to be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and not for Xbox Series S. Other visual improvements in the update will include making the sky and weather look better than before.

As the “Year 5” name might give away, The Crew 2 launched in 2018. So far it has received multiple seasons, over 50 new vehicles, 32 live summits, and plenty of new events along the way.


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