‘The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me’ is more ‘Saw’ than spooky

Gory rather than spooky?

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes players have begun sharing their first peek at the next chapter of the horror game – The Devil In Me – and it looks distinctly less supernatural than earlier instalments.

The teaser trailer is just over a minute long and looks to be far more gory than other instalments. It offers images of torn flesh, knives, and a decomposing corpse for good measure too. Think Saw rather than spooky thrills if this glimpse is anything to go by.


Considered to be the season one finale, suggesting a season two is coming, the trailer ends with a technical real-life corpse, smoking a cigarette claiming it has “left its mark on the world” asking the player if they can claim the same.

While the trailer is fairly vague, the tone is clear. It also ties in neatly with previous games with the mention of a serial killer being executed in a newspaper during the opening of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes.

While there’s no clue of the serial killer in question, outlets such as TheSixthAxis have suggested that the game may be influenced by real life serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

Holmes built a hotel in Chicago the 1880s. The building was full of secret passages and sound-proofed rooms, as well as featured a torture chamber.

Earlier this year, we discovered that the next game would be called The Devil In Me. We also learned that the title was set to be the fourth instalment in a series of eight proposed games.

This would tie into the idea that there will be a season two to follow after The Devil In Me.


In other news, a new Splinter Cell game may take inspiration from the Hitman franchise.

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