The ‘Fallout 76’ 2022 roadmap is coming later this year says Bethesda

Please Stand By

Fallout 76 developer, Bethesda, has teased that a new roadmap for the coming year will be out soon.

In a post on Bethesda’s website, the developer explained that “we’re working hard on what’s to come”. It acknowledged that it had been a “little light on announcements” recently but that “exciting plans” are in store.

The post continues by adding that “we can hardly wait to share a look at them with the community in our 2022 roadmap”. However, fans will need to wait a bit longer with the announcement due “a little later this month”.


Fallout 76
Fallout 76. Credit: Bethesda

It’s expected that the coming weeks will see in an in-depth look at the Invaders from Beyond update. There is also likely to be a preview of Fallout 76 Season 8 too. Currently, Fasnacht Day is happening in the game. The post explains that “Helvetia’s Protectrons are busy getting the town ready for its biggest holiday of the year”. The event will run until February 22.

In recent times, Fallout 76 players have been keeping themselves busy. This includes holding a Shakespearean sonnet festival live on Twitch. Earlier this month, a Fallout 76 content creation group hosted the festival, featuring readings of 14 of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets.

Last year, an avid Fallout 76 player successfully built the Globe Theatre in the game and started staging plays.

In non-Shakespearean news, the CEO of PlatinumGames has explained that he thinks NFTs offer “no positive impact” for players.


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