‘The Forgotten City’ is coming to Nintendo Switch as a cloud game today

The Forgotten City is playable through Nintendo's cloud service

Modern Storyteller’s The Forgotten City is releasing on Nintendo Switch today but will require an online connection to play.

Nintendo’s cloud gaming system allows players to play games using a server that does most of the heavy lifting. This has allowed Control and Hitman 3 to come to the console. The next game to join the system is The Forgotten City which launches today. The game will require a small download to start, and an online connection will be needed to reach the server the game will stream from.

For those interested in trying out the cloud system before they pay, The Forgotten City will be available to try for a limited amount of time before purchase.


The Steam Page for The Forgotten City says, “Travel 2,000 years into the past and relive the final days of a cursed Roman city, where if one person sins, everyone dies. Combat is an option, but violence will only get you so far. Only by questioning an intertwined community of colourful characters, cleverly exploiting the time loop, and making difficult moral choices can you hope to solve this epic mystery. Here, your decisions matter. The fate of the city is in your hands.”

Players will create their own characters and then choose how they wish to approach confrontations. Reason, charm, bribery, intimidation, violence, or exploiting the time loop can be used to overcome any obstacle. The story is deliberately non-linear and has multiple endings for players to discover.

The Steam reviews are currently overwhelmingly positive.

A Nintendo Account is required for Nintendo’s cloud gaming service. However, players do not need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership unless the game has a multiplayer component.

Elsewhere, SNES classics Aladdin and Jungle Book will be available in the Disney Classic Game Collection.

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