The foxes in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ are even cuter following latest update

The game's most important update

The list of reasons to play Sucker Punch’s samurai stealth saga Ghost of Tsushima just got longer, as the game’s latest update has added adorable new interactions with foxes.

Since the game first launched in 2020, protagonist Jin Sakai had been able to pet foxes that he met around Tsushima island, who would lead him to Inari Shrines. While they would jump up for scritches or respond playfully, the update makes them even cuter.

As spotted by Twitter feed Can You Pet the Dog? – which does critical work in documenting which dogs and other animals in video games can be petted – Ghost of Tsushima’s foxes now hop about in anticipation of Jin petting them, and even allow him to administer belly rubs.


Is it accurate fox behaviour? Probably not. Is it adorable enough to make players want to go and find every fox in the entirety of Japan, let alone just Tsushima Island? Very likely, yes.

The fox-focused feature appears to have arrived as part of the recent Iki Island expansion that came alongside the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. The most recent patch for the game, version 2.07, also addressed a few problems that had crept in, such as missing armour.

Other fixes and updates included correcting a bug where rewards for completing replayable missions would not be provided until the entire game was reloaded, shortening the length of haptic feedback when travelling, fixing multiple quest bugs, and tweaking the overall UI.

Elsewhere, shortages of new generation consoles including PS5 may last into 2023 due to a lack of power-chips, while 505 Games has admitted it could have better handled how it rolled out its own next gen upgrade in Control: Ultimate Edition.

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