The Game Awards will feature “four or five things” on the level of ‘Elden Ring’

Expect plenty of new games to appear

In an interview about the upcoming Game Awards, Geoff Keighley has revealed several big game appearances.

When speaking with ForTheWin, Keighley spoke about how it felt to reveal Elden Ring’s gameplay trailer in June. “That was two or three years in the making. Every show got questions about it, and even last year’s Game Awards, people really wanted something. It won Most Anticipated Game, but they weren’t ready. There was a lot of built-up pressure. And that’s the thing I think people don’t realise – the things they want, sometimes developers just aren’t ready to show them. There will be things again this year, I’m sure, where it’s like, we want to show things, but they’re just not ready.”

Keighley continues to say how happy he was with the trailer reveal. He also added that he was excited to be able to be the one to show the Elden Ring trailer because he knew how excited people were for it.


On the subject of this years Game Awards, he said, “Oh, God, there are probably four or five things of that level. I can’t wait to show people this stuff. Summer Game Fest was a new thing that I had created. The fact that FromSoftware bet on me and Summer Game Fest where they could have done more traditional E3 stuff, that meant a lot to me. It was a huge honour to work with the From guys, so stay tuned, there may be more coming.”

Keighley also suggested that several games shown at the awards will be new announcements, “Probably six or ten of our games are things that people don’t know exist, but we’re going to reveal them at the show in a fun way.”

The Game Awards will take place at 1AM BST on December 10.

In other news, Nintendo has lost a court appeal over European eShop refunds for games that have been pre-ordered and not yet released.