The “ghost player” bug in ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ appears to have been fixed

Ghosts: Busted

A bug in Rainbow Six Siege that was preventing players from joining playlists seems to have been fixed after devs admit to “not having a good weekend”.

The issue arose when players tried to join playlists but appeared to be matched with a brand new account. This account/player did not exist, so this “ghost” could not be kicked to fix the problem. Many players were unable to join their usual playlists, and high-ranking players were barred from playing games at their level.

Given this weekend was a free weekend for Rainbow Six Siege, player count was higher than usual and the bug seemed to be spreading fast. The dev team was made aware of the issue via social media, and responded in kind.


The creative director on Rainbow Six Siege, Leroy Athanassoff, made it clear that the dev team was aware of the situation and was working hard to fix it, saying “we are not having a good weekend”.

Some players reported hearing the sound that plays when someone joins a lobby, although no such player existed. Fortunately, a tweet from the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account confirmed that a fix had been found and implemented.

“We’ll continue to closely monitor the game’s performance to ensure these fixes hold,” it said, “Over the next week, we will implement more robust long-term measures to prevent this from happening again.”


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