The Jingle Jam Games Collection is back with over 50 games

Over 50 games priced at £37, and the money goes to charity

The Jingle Jam is back for 2021 and brings with it a collection of over 50 games that players can buy to raise money for charity.

After starting yesterday (December 1) the Jingle Jam will run until midnight on December 14, and players can net the 50 plus titles (valued at over £650) if they donate £35 ($47 USD) or more at this link.

Participants will receive the games in the form of Steam keys, and the list includes titles like Clustertruck, Project Winter, and Surviving Mars. The collection is probably worth it just for Hyper Light Drifter as well.


Codes for games can be gifted, but all must be redeemed before 2022. The Jingle Jam collection is itself limited to 100,000 copies as well.

Surviving Mars
Surviving Mars. Credit: Paradox Interactive

As of writing, the total raised for charity sits at £856,851.37 after less than 24 hours since donations began. Those that donate can choose between a number of charities they wish to support, including Cancer Research UK, Autistica, SpecialEffect, The Open Bionics Foundation, and many more.

The event itself is broadcast on the Yogscast Twitch channel, but for the first time any other creators wanting to host a fundraising stream can do so for the event.

“Developers and publishers have been incredibly generous this year – the value of the games collection is immense,” said Lewis Brindley, co-founder of The Yogscast. “Wildermyth and Just Die Already, two of my favourite games released this year, are worth it on their own but there’s another 54 great games. I’m delighted to have such a cool reward for those kind enough to donate to charity!”


In other news, co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic is making its way onto PS4 and PS5 soon. The title has already proved to be a huge hit on other platforms.