‘The Lost Wild’ trailer evokes the true horror of ‘Jurassic Park’

The title closed the Annapurna Interactive Showcase with an in-game trailer

Debut title from Great Ape Games, The Lost Wild, closed out the recent Annapurna Interactive Showcase, and it looks like a game set to capture the tension of Jurassic Park’s iconic Tyrannosaurus rex scene. 

The game was shown off with an in-game footage trailer that showcases the environments, some of the dinosaurs, and sets the tone of it being one of the few games alongside the likes of Dino Crisis to portray the prehistoric creatures as something to be afraid of.


The game is currently only announced for a Steam release, and is slated for 2024. The description reads “The Lost Wild is an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game that captures the reverence and terror of nature’s most magnificent beasts. Come face-to-face with dinosaurs that behave like wild animals, not monsters.”

The game will have players exploring “a prehistoric wilderness” where they’re “squarely in the center of the food chain”. The aim of the game is going to be staying away from the dinosaurs, but in the event that the player is spotted they’ll either have to flee or “try to intimidate using non-lethal weaponry.”

There is also a mature content warning that reads: “The Lost Wild is intended for a mature audience and touches on mature themes including violence and gore. Depictions of violence including animal-on-player violence, animal-on-animal violence, and animal-on-NPC violence will feature somewhat frequently.” However, nudity and sexual-content won’t be featured in the game.

The Lost Wild. Credit: Great Ape Games

Annapurna Interactive’s most recent release, Stray, earned three out of five stars from NME, with the review stating thatStray is a beautiful game, and a fun cat simulator with some smart ideas,” but that it “misses its true potential thanks to an unnecessary helping of trope-ish design, and an unwillingness to ruminate on its most intriguing characters and themes.”

In other news, the MultiVersus community challenge that unlocked a Rick and Morty stage was completed in just a few hours.

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