The new Airship map in ‘Among Us’ is now live

The game will also introduce 15-player lobbies in future updates

After months of teasing, the new Airship map in Among Us has finally gone live.

Developer InnerSloth shared the news via a new blogpost that details the new Airship level, a revised code of conduct, and a brief look into future updates for the popular game.

The newly introduced Airship map is the fourth – and biggest – map to be introduced to the game. The Airship map was first announced in December last year during the Game Awards.


The new map also includes new tasks such as jewel polishing and emptying trash among others. Players can now pick the rooms they wish to start in, with new areas to explore. Additionally, the game now includes improved mobility with ladders and moving platforms, and a new array of free hats for players to customise their looks with.

Among Us has also introduced a new player account system, and a revised code of conduct to go with it. The player account system is currently “focused on reporting and moderation capabilities” with plans for “a friend system and the ability to transfer your cosmetic between devices” in the future.

Players who have been reported for inappropriate behaviour will face a series on consequences, ranging from temporary to permanent bans, including alternate accounts. Other guidelines in the code of conduct also note that players will need to make free accounts in order to change their usernames and access the free chat services.

InnerSloth also shared a brief insight into its future plans for the game. The developers hope to increase the game’s lobbies to host 15 players in the future, instead of the current 10-player cap. The game will also receive a “full art style revamp” with cleaner lines and an easier animation process.


In other news, two Among Us Skins – crew mate and impostor – were recently added to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The crossover skins were introduced in Season 4 and can be unlocked through the in-game store.