The PS5 version of ‘Hades’ has one exclusive feature for dog lovers

Who's a good boy?

After a year of critical success on PC and Nintendo Switch, Supergiant Games finally released Hades on PlayStation and Xbox platforms yesterday (August 13).

The Greek underworld roguelike is one of the highlights on Xbox Game Pass this month, meaning subscribers can play the award-winning game for free. However, it turns out there are exclusive benefits for players who opt for the PS5 version.

As reported by Twitter account @CanYouPetTheDogHades makes use of the PS5’s DualSense features, in particular when you interact with Cerberus, the three-headed dog located in the game’s starting area.


Whenever Zagreus pets Cerberus, the controller produces subtle haptic feedback to mimic “a contented growl”.

Developers have shared various ways the DualSense controller can immerse players with haptic feedback. These are often connected with the weapons or tools that a player is using, such as in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Subnautica: Below Zero, so a subtle, tender, and optional action as demonstrated in Hades is a refreshing surprise.

Since first releasing last September, Hades has been showered with plaudits, and swept plenty of awards winning Game of the Year all over, including at the Game Developers Choice Awards, the D.I.C.E. Awards, the SXSW Gaming Awards, the BAFTA Game Awards, and the inaugural Gayming Awards.

Protagonist Zagreus has similarly been lauded as one of the best examples of a bisexual character in video games, and he loves his dog.


Elsewhere, Fortnite has decided to get into the physical space by launching the Minty Legends Pack as a physical retail item available in select stores.

Available from November 2, the ten-item bundle will includes three skins – Fresh Aura, Minty Bomber, and Skellemint Oro – as well as 1,000 V-bucks. Players will still be able to buy the pack digitally.