‘The Quarry’ and ‘High On Life’ were supposed to be Google Stadia titles

A new report says both games were going to be flagship releases for Stadia

According to a new report, both The Quarry and High On Life had development involvement from Google Stadia before this was scrapped.

Two sources told Axios about Stadia’s involvement in these games in a report published yesterday (June 17), with neither The Quarry nor High On Life having any publication connections to Google Stadia as of publication.

The sources say that both titles were initially being billed as major flagship releases for Stadia, but that the cloud streaming service’s change in direction shifted focus away from these games.


Back in 2020, The Quarry developer Supermassive Games announced a partnership with Google Stadia, although when the game was announced, there was no word of any partnership exclusivity.

The Quarry. Credit: Supermassive Games.
The Quarry. Credit: Supermassive Games.

According to Axios, a Take-Two representative (which published The Quarry), said that Supermassive Games “was looking for a publishing partner as the project came to completion,” whilst a Google representative didn’t reply to a request for comment and a Squanch Games representative (the developer of High On Life) gave nothing away either.

The Quarry is the next ‘80s horror movie-inspired title from Supermassive Games, which sees camp counsellors at the end of summer getting involved with some grizzly goings-on when left alone for the night.

In our three-out-of-five star review for the game, we said: “Despite a slow start, The Quarry delivers even more ways to feel terrible when your actions fail a tropey teen (or six). It’s not as scary as Until Dawn but there’s so much love for the horror genre and you’ll definitely want to dive in to see how it could all have played out.”

In other news, a European retailer has listed Persona 5 Royal for Nintendo Switch and made it available for pre-order, despite no formal announcement of the release.

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