‘The Quarry’ director reveals next game scheduled for 2025 or 2026

It also has a scale comparable to 'The Quarry'

The director of Supermassive Games’ latest interactive narrative-driven horror title The Quarry and 2015’s Until Dawn has already started sharing details on his next title. 

In an interview with VGC, developer Will Byles revealed that the team had started working on its next game. “I can’t really tell you very much at all about it, but we have started. Again, it’s the same sort of horror genre, we’re sticking to that. It’s equivalent in size to The Quarry… and that’s about as much as I can say without giving too much away.”

When discussing the potential cast of the game, he hints at a change in direction: “I don’t know how far we can stretch the teen horror thing out further, because especially when we try to stir it up, the number of surprises you can add to that becomes limited.”


New horror game ‘The Quarry’ will star David Arquette and Ariel Winter
The Quarry. Credit: Supermassive Games.

While both The Quarry and Until Dawn revolved around teenagers, Supermassive Games has experimented with a range of different casts through its Dark Picture Anthology titles. He clarified that “ it’s still very much classic horror” despite other changes.

When asked about a potential release for the game, Byles clarifies that it’s unsurprisingly a way off, approximating a “2025, or maybe 2026” release. While we’re looking at around three to four years it’s a much shorter time frame than the seven year wait between Byles’ previous games.

The Quarry received a fair three out of five stars from NME, with the review noting that although it isn’t as strong as Until Dawn, “The Quarry delivers even more ways to feel terrible when your actions fail a tropey teen (or six).”

In other news, Ubisoft has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be the next game in the series following a long string of leaks and rumours, with the game being fully revealed during the September 8 Ubisoft Forward event which will air at 8pm BST.

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