The ‘Returnal’ suspend cycle feature can be used as a save point

It seems this exploit is the closest players will get to a real save feature, for now

Returnal players have discovered that the game’s new suspend cycle feature can be used as a save point.

Housemarque recently released a new update that saw the introduction of the suspend cycle feature–a tool that now allows players the option to pause their Returnal run and continue later on.

Following the launch of the update, it seems that players have been able to find an exploit with the suspend feature that allows them to save their game instead.


As reported by VGC, games journalist Joseph Yaden explained on Twitter the exploit he found while playing the game, as well as how to execute it.

According to Yaden, after suspending your save in-game, you have to upload your save to the PlayStation cloud service. Then, next time you die, you can download your save from the cloud and start back at your suspension point.

Yaden did mention that he hasn’t tested it thoroughly but it “seems like an effective way to preserve a great run.” However, on Sunday (October 31), he updated his previous tweet explaining that the method is “singlehandedly getting me through Returnal.”

Yaden also added: “I know people are mad that I’m not playing it ‘the right’ way, but I don’t have time to continuously die and restart over and over. I’m now enjoying it because of this and I think that’s a positive thing.”

Housemarque had previously commented on the lack of save features in Returnal, saying that they acknowledge the request for the option. Afterwards, the developer released update 2.0 which introduced the suspend cycle feature — the closest thing players will get to a save option right now.


Returnal‘s 2.0 update also included a new photo mode option as well as a range of other updates.

In other news, Amazon Game Studios has disabled all wealth transfers in New World.

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