The Steam Summer Sale 2021 is starting soon, mystery cards confirmed

The murder mystery theme has been sleuthed out

The Steam Summer Sale 2021 is set to begin this week, and Mystery Cards have been discovered which confirm the Sale’s Murder Mystery.

The Steam Summer Sale 2021 is slated to start this week on Thursday June 24, according to the Steam Database Twitter account, which reported the sale’s rumoured start time back in April.

Steam Database has also tweeted that it has discovered the mystery cards that will go along with the sale, confirming the rumoured murder mystery theme that of the sale.


These themes allow Steam users to unlock various cosmetic items, collectable trading cards, chat emojis and various other items they can use for their profile.

The Steam Summer Sale 2021 will begin at 6 pm (BTS) on June 24 and will run until 6 pm on July 8. The Summer is one of the biggest of the year, alongside the other seasonal sales.

It’s one of the best times for people to pick up deals on games that they’ve been looking forward too, and as usually will likely have daily deals, flash deals, and the aforementioned meta-game which encourages people to buy games for rewards.

Steam is currently still running its Steam Next Fest event, a week-long celebration of games that are coming out in the future.

There are 700 demos available to play right now, some of which, such as Sable and Naraka: Bladepoint have been covered in hands-on features by NME.


In other news, a recent update to Nier: Automata on Steam saw PlatinumGames remove the Denuvo-Anti-Tamper DRM software 

Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM a controversial topic for PC gamers. It is is designed to make it harder to crack and pirate games, however many report that the software comes with various performance drawbacks for people who have bought legitimate copies of the game.