‘The Swindle’ developer Dan Marshall reveals new spacefaring game

"Earth has gone, everything has gone, all the space stations are knackered"

Developer Dan Marshall, known for The Swindle, has shared details on an upcoming spacefaring game currently in development.

Dan Marshall, the developer behind The Swindle and Lair Of The Clockwork God, has appeared on the latest episode of the Eurogamer Podcast, where he revealed his new game. Marshall mentioned that several prototypes were toyed with, one of which involved a little T-Rex throwing people into walls, but many of them don’t see their way to becoming a complete game.

“But again, same problems, same thing – it was the same game,” Marshall said. “It wasn’t fun, I couldn’t find the fun in it. I had this little test area set up and it was all… Playing the dinosaur was really tactile and nice, and you could grab humans and throw them at walls and stuff, and it was… It was nice but I couldn’t really see it turning into a game.”


Marshall eventually settled on a sci-fi game and detailed some of its ideas.

“The idea is it’s post-apocalyptic and everything else has been destroyed,” Marshall explained. “Earth has gone, everything has gone, all the space stations are knackered. And you’re flying around salvaging bits off other spaceships to put on your own, and sending teams in and watching nervously while they report back from what they’ve found and whether or not they’ve encountered hostiles and aliens and weird goo and whatever they might find on there.”

The game will be a different type of project for Marshall, as it is the first game he has intended to release that uses 3D assets.

“The idea is you’re on a spaceship with lots of monitors around you – so it’s a first-person 3D game on a spaceship bridge with lots of monitors around you and maps and things – and if you’ve got squadrons of fighters in your dock, you can send them off to go and attack other spaceships, and you can look up and see it all happening.”

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