The trailer for ‘No Man’s Sky”s Endurance update has been released

The 3.94 update is now live and it set to overhaul freighters and fleets

No Man’s Sky‘s latest update Endurance went live today (July 20) and Hello Games have shared a trailer showing players what to expect.

Described by developers as the “biggest update of the year”, Endurance is set to completely rework the way freighters and fleets operate within the game.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray explained: “Endurance brings a complete overhaul of freighters and fleets, allowing players to live and work aboard their home in the stars, together with their own crew.”


The patch notes explain that, following the launch of Endurance, “freighters now bustle with specialist crew members walking around your base. Engineers, biologists and technicians display their thoughts as they patrol the base, and your hired frigate captains and squadron pilots visit your capital ship between their deep-space excursions.”

Endurance will also bring with it a new bridge, which offers various quality of life improvements including “instant access to warping and teleportation”.

Murray goes on to say that one of the biggest changes to No Man’s Sky is the variety and volume of meteors that can now be seen in space. There are also “new interstellar style black holes, nebulae, and space atmospherics to explore. Travellers can enjoy these new incredible space vistas from windows and portholes, which they can now build on their freighters. Players can also build exterior sections to their freighters for increased flexibility, or simply to admire the universe from,” he said.

Players will also be able to “construct expansive freighter farms with specialised cultivation chambers,” and may now “encounter organic frigates as they explore deep space. Build your own fleet of these majestic beings, but be prepared for anomalous results when deploying them on fleet missions,” reads the patch notes.


Endurance also brings with it a new class of multiplayer mission from the Nexus. “The Space Anomaly has issued a request for crews of intrepid Travellers: investigate the heavily-guarded Sentinel Pillars, and steal the data within,” teases the description.

The free update for No Man’s Sky is now live and the full patch notes can be seen here.

Earlier this year, Hello Games announced that No Man’s Sky will launch on Nintendo Switch  on October 7.

Confirming the news, Murray said: “I think folks are going to be blown away when they finally get to play this game on such a tiny device.”

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