There could be a new ‘Donkey Kong’ game and more soon

We're talking a new game, theme park, and even an animation

Reports suggest that Nintendo may be planning to expand the Donkey Kong franchise substantially including a new game, animation series, and a theme park world.

The news comes from reliable Nintendo insider Zippo who has previously suggested that a new Donkey Kong game is in development at Nintendo EPD.

The insider claimed that the video game is just part of a big plan that Nintendo has for Donkey Kong. In the blog post, they said “I’ve been told by multiple people that Donkey Kong is the next franchise in line to follow Mario in Nintendo’s push for their game franchises to become multimedia juggernauts.”


Zippo wrote that “Donkey and co. aren’t just getting a new game, they’re getting animation.” although they can’t confirm whether that means a movie or a TV show, but it should also mean a “big theme park expansion, merchandise, etc.” as part of the drive to make Donkey Kong a bigger deal again.

Zippo added “this new game is not just a one off, DK is being taken seriously at the big N again, and that should be good news for fans everywhere.”

Earlier this year Video Games Chronicle noted that Universal Studios already seems to be expanding its Super Nintendo World theme park with a Donkey Kong-themed world so this would tie neatly into that plan.

An interview with Nintendo president, Shuntaro Furukawa, earlier this year with Fast Company, also found that the firm is looking to create more animation content beyond its work with the planned Super Mario movie that’s currently scheduled for release in 2022. All signs are pointing to more Donkey Kong in future. Possibly.

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