There’s not long left to sign up for the ‘Halo Infinite’ beta this month

Prepare for a test flight

Halo Infinite is about to get a multiplayer beta, with fans having until September 13 to sign up.

Announced on Twitter, the new multiplayer preview will launch on September 24, allowing all registered Halo Insiders to participate, so long as their accounts are fully filled out by September 13.


Brian Jarrad, Community Director for Halo Infinite, said on Twitter that he hoped fans would “push our services and infrastructure so things will fall down during the preview instead of in December”.

He also confirmed that bots would be returning with improvements, and there would now be a “training mode” alongside a much bigger focus on PVP. This means a new map and objectives for those who wish to battle their friends.

News has been coming thick and fast for Halo Infinite despite the game not showing up at Gamescom as many had hoped. Since then we have learned that the release date should be December 8, and that battle pass will rely on challenges rather than XP.

Halo Infinite will also launch without campaign co-op, and without the Forge map-building mode many players were hoping for, but both have been confirmed for a later date.

Recently, an alleged 343 Industries developer took to Reddit to express concern about the “massive strain” the team was under to develop Halo Infinite. The poster, who claimed to have worked at the studio for “the better part of 2 years” on Campaign components, explained in great detail the current situation at the studio.


In the meantime, here’s everything we know about Halo Infinite including gameplay, release date, and more.