This Twitter bot is posting every frame of ‘Doom’ to tackle doomscrolling

"Stop doomscrolling & start DOOM scrolling"

A “Doomscroll Doom” bot is gaining traction for posting every single frame of Doom, though it’s going to be years before the bot reaches the credits.

Every hour, the Doomscroll Doom bot posts a single frame from The Ultimate Doom, id Software’s 1995 shooter.

Speaking to NME, co-creator Steve Nass said that “once the term [doomscrolling] became popular, it didn’t take long for us to start trying to make some dumb connection between doomscrolling and the famous video game.”


“Eventually, we settled on doomscrolling through every frame of Doom (or as we like to call it, DOOMscrolling). It was stupid and made us laugh but also seemed like it might actually help distract people from the endless void of depressing information that Twitter can often be.”

Nass explained that there are 15,770 frames of Doom to get through, and the bot will take nearly two years to post the game from start to finish.

On the purpose of the bot, Nass said the pair “hope it helps people from doomscrolling now and again,” and further says it serves as a “celebration of Doom the game.”

“A lot of the frames look really cool, with interesting freeze frames of stuff like Doom Guy mid-plasma blast. It’s a great trip down memory lane…But if nothing else we hope it makes people laugh at the absurdity of the undertaking.”

“It’s good to engage with the news and world around you, but every now and again we all need a little break. What better way to clear your head than by watching demons get blasted in gloriously pixelated stop-motion?”


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