‘Thomas Was Alone’ creators announce intergalactic VR game ‘Arcsmith’

Progress from building radios to antimatter generators

Bithell Games, the studio behind Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex has announced Arcsmith – a VR game where you’ll need to solve a variety of space-bound 3D puzzles to succeed.

Announced yesterday (June 30), Arcsmith will be available on Oculus Quest headsets on July 29 and puts players in the shoes of “an ad hoc apprentice to master arcsmith Korith Dinn.”

Dinn is voiced by Dave Fennoy, who gamers will recognize as the voice behind characters from tens of games including the voice of Lee Everett in Telltale GamesThe Walking Dead.


Under a reluctant mentor, players will use tools to create a variety of hi-tech appliances. While this starts off with creating a radio, eventually players will “progress onto space drones and antimatter generators.”

As the trailer shows, the radio you build will keep you informed on outside events, though you’ll soon progress to building items designed to disable weapons systems.

The freeform puzzle game involves balancing things like heat and power to get things to work, though players will be given diagnostic tools to work out why their device isn’t working.

While you learn to build futuristic technology, you’ll be caught up in an intergalactic drama as your space station becomes “the focal point of an intergalactic power struggle that could determine the future of the universe.”

As taken from the trailer description, players can also expect the story to take them through “a unique tale of friendship and redemption”.


Ahead of the release on July 29, you can now add Arcsmith to your wishlist on the Oculus store page.

In other news, a Breath Of The Wild player has finally unlocked a chest that many believed was impossible to open – though the reward may have been slightly disappointing to some players.

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