THQ Nordic appears to tease ‘Destroy All Humans 2’ remake

The new promo video has fans in a spin

Destroy All Humans has received a new promotional video on Steam that may hint at a remake of the sequel.

A new promotional video was uploaded to Steam’s storefront as part of a 50 per cent sale for Destroy All Humans, which has led to several sites speculating a reboot of the 2006 game.

The video in question features a clone, known to fans as Crypto-138, who is distinguished by his gold-accented costume. He appears as the main protagonist in Destroy All Humans 2, so the cameo may mean that the game is coming up for renewal.


In the video Destroy All Humans protagonist Crypto-137 is interrupted by 138 and responds that he should “wait his turn”. Arguing that it could be an in-joke or an easter-egg for fans, IGN contacted the team behind the games.

Senior producer Martin Kreuch responded, confessing that there may be more information to come. “We can‘t explain it to ourselves who that other Furon clone is either. We’ve contacted all intelligence agencies we know and asked for support – Majestic, the KGB, that guy in a tinfoil hat outside our office screaming at a phone box every day…We think we are onto something though, and may have more intel to share soon!”

Jordan Oloman reviewed Destroy All Humans for NME, writing: “Black Forest Games’ loving homage of this 2005 relic is worth its weight in nostalgia… [they have] taken great care to upscale the assets of the original without losing its inimitable style – and the same passion has been brought to the ancient sound design and voice-acting, which has been cleaned up to great effect in the 2020 remake.”