Tidus from ‘Final Fantasy 10’ was almost a plumber

Name one other video game plumber in overalls, we’ll wait

According to a recent interview with the developers at Square Enix, Final Fantasy 10’s Tidus was originally designed to be a plumber. 

The revelation comes from a Famitsu article (thanks, Kotaku) that aimed to celebrate Final Fantasy 10’s 20th anniversary. Character designer Tetsuya Nomura says he originally drew Tidus as a plumber, adding that the overalls the character wears are a sort of reference to that.

Writer Kazushige Nojima supported the change as he said: “To get the character in the water, for the initial plan, there was a time in which Tidus was to be an underwater plumber.”


Final Fantasy 10. Credit: Square Enix

Tidus was later changed to a Blitzball player, a sport created for Final Fantasy 10 that has players in the water. This was apparently the idea of the game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase.

“Up to that point, there hadn’t been sport components in the Final Fantasy series, so I thought this would be a new challenge,” he said.

“At that point, I discussed this with Nojima, and he went from being a plumber in the water to an athlete that competes in the water,” Kitase adds.

The general idea was that by making Tidus a sportsman, he would have a unique identity in comparison to other Final Fantasy protagonists.

In related Final Fantasy news, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be launching on July 28 on Steam. The remastered collection includes Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V and VI, with all of these games featuring newly remastered versions of the Square Enix classics.


The only catch is, these games appear to have a regular base font, instead of the pixelated one from the originals – and many fans aren’t happy.

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