Tim Sweeney states Epic Games Store will “someday” add shopping carts

Key word being "someday"

In a Tweet sent earlier today (June 24), Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney has confirmed that the Epic Games Store will eventually add a shopping cart feature for users.

Sweeney reiterated in the message (see below) that the Epic Games Store still doesn’t have a shopping cart feature, noting that “someday it will have a shopping cart”.


It was previously reported by The Gamer, Epic Games Store will reportedly be adding a shopping cart feature later this year.

A shopping cart feature enables users to add multiple games to their digital basket, allowing people to purchase multiple games without having to search and buy each game individually.

In a blog post released at the start of 2021, the Epic Games Store identified certain features it will be working on throughout the year. These features include wishlist improvements, achievements, player profiles and a “social overhaul” to the platform.

The company’s roadmap also aims to add user reviews, additional payment methods and the ability to gift games to other friends.

While the platform has made waves with the number of free games it has released since launch, the Epic Games Store has long received criticism from PC gamers for missing features that most stores – including primary competitor Steam – already include.


Until earlier today Overcooked 2 was available for free on the Epic Games Store, however, Sonic Mania is now available as the free weekly game. You can take advantage of this offer until July 7, 4PM.

In other news, the latest weekly update to GTA Online brings seven new Deadline arenas  “across some of the city’s most notorious landmarks” as well as a host of discounts, reward bonuses and free items for players to enjoy.

This follows the announcement that GTA Online will soon be shutting down on PS3 and Xbox 360. 

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