‘Timberborn’ update adds new buildings and resources

Just make sure the miners stop by the mud bath occasionally

Timberborn’s first major update is now available and includes several new buildings and resources that can be farmed.

Scrap metal is no longer a limited resource, thanks to Timberborn’s latest update. New underground mines allow for an infinite amount of metal production. However, it requires a constant stream of resources to keep running. The new metal source should prevent a beaver colony from overexpanding to maintain metal income.

Metal processing has also been changed. The shredder has been removed from the game for now and replaced by the refinery. This building will process metal from the new mines and the old ruins.


The update has also altered options for managing water within a colony. “The ability to transfer water to higher levels is one of the most popular requests, so we’ve got you a mechanical water pump. This pump sucks the water below and dumps it at a higher level.”

The Iron Teeth faction of beavers also received their own water pump variant. The deep mechanical water pump “has a longer, six-tile deep pipe matching that of a Deep Water Pump.”

To help keep a colony of beavers well-fed, new plants have also been added. Chestnut trees can be farmed to receive logs and chestnuts. Two new aquatic plants have also been added, cattail and spadderdock. These must be farmed from a new aquatic farmhouse, which behaves the same as the traditional farmhouse. These plants can only be grown in shallow water.

Other buildings were also added to Timberborn. The observatory allows beavers to earn science points at a faster rate. The Lido and Mud Bath are new attractions to help improve morale.


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