‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ reveals huge Immortal Empires map

13 minutes of the free mode has been released

Total War developer Creative Assembly has shared an extended trailer and details about the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3 map Immortal Empires.

A new video detailing the Immortal Empires map was shared today (August 11), and it features 13 minutes of details and footage of the upcoming map, which releases on August 23.

An incredibly ambitious project, Immortal Empires is aiming to combine everything Creative Assembly has done for its Warhammer games into one giant map, including: All 86 legendary lords, turning Be’Lakor into his one Lord with a faction, dedicated factions for a number of older lords, new starting locations for 29 Lords, and plenty other mechanical additions.


Check out the first look video below.


The video uses a sweeping camera to show off its sheer map size, alongside the number of factions and characters available in the upcoming free downloadable content. The victory requirements in Immortal Empires are also set to be revamped as part of the Total War: Warhammer 3 DLC, with eight-player multiplayer campaigns on offer too.

“You’ll be able to start a full sandbox campaign to play and conquer however you wish,” wrote Creative Assembly in a blog post. “Use any Legendary Lord accessible (based on your game ownership) from any of the three games, or experiment with the older Legendary Lords benefiting from their revamp.”

Total War: Warhammer 3.
Total War: Warhammer 3. Credit: Creative Assembly.


Immortal Empires support should also last for years, as Creative Assembly adds that it will be improved with new features and tweaks to existing ones, alongside new content.

“It’ll be the most enormous and varied strategic sandbox we’ve ever created,” added the studio. “With all the content you expect and more – and we know it’ll only get better over time.”

It also looks like there’s going to be a starting spot for Nagash, with Creative Assembly even telling NME that “nothing is off-limits” in terms of additions.

In other news, Back 4 Blood’s next downloadable content is set to introduce Wolverine claw weapons and a bow.