‘Tower of Fantasy’ upcoming updates to focus on “unique” features

The developers say the game’s MMO roots and deep character customisation are what makes it unique

Tower of Fantasy updates will focus on the game’s “unique” qualities in the form of in-depth character customisation as well as its massively multiplayer online (MMO) roots.

Speaking at Gamescom this week, developers Dmitrii Lazarev and Deniz Kirca of publisher Level Infinite said that players should remember the game has “only been available in the West for about two weeks (via, PCGamesN).

The goal for Tower of Fantasy moving forward is to focus on its unique qualities, although quite how they expect to do that is unclear as yet. The upcoming Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update does shed more light though, and it’s clear there’s plenty in the pipeline for the game.


Tower Of Fantasy
Tower Of Fantasy. Credit: Hotta Studio

The update will bring the world’s sci-fi themes to the forefront, with the cyberpunk-esque city of Mirroria suffering the effects of a radiation disaster, with Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner being the biggest inspirations throughout the creative process for the new content.

Mirroria, situated in the middle of a massive pyramid in a new desert region, Vera, is entirely cut off from the sun, meaning its neon technology and futuristic aura provide the only source of light. Within the desert also lies Rudolph, a “terrifying” new boss. The key to defeating Rudolph lies in cooling him down to avoid his overheating attacks.

There’s no release date for the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update as yet, but Hotta Studio may want to fast-track it in order for the western audience to catch up to Chinese players, who’ve had access to the game since December 2021.

In other news, a spokesperson for Denuvo has claimed that its anti-piracy software will not affect the performance of Nintendo Switch games.