Transform into a Premier League footballer and score goals in ‘PUBG’

Top scorers become Premier League player “Sonny” Heung-Min Son

PUBG Corp has introduced a new limited-time mode where players will compete to score goals instead of kills.

A new mode has been added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as part of the experimental LABS events. The new mode, Futsal, focuses on trying to score goals. However, this is still PUBG, so some combat is to be expected.

One surprising addition is the inclusion of Premier League player “Sonny” Heung-Min Son. The player who scores the most goals during a match can transform into the footballer. This will provide them with an extra speed increase until the end of the match or until someone else takes the lead.


Two teams of four will be dropped into a map filled with zones. These zones provide different benefits and twists.

The buff zone will give players a random buff type when they enter it. The options are increased health and speed. These buff zones also contain random melee weapons, with a low chance to spawn a sawn-off shotgun with two shells.

These buffs and weapons will give each player a certain role, whether attacking the ball or attacking other players. The PUBG mode does not contain a goalie, instead allowing players to pick up a shield when inside the penalty zone. If the player leaves the penalty zone, then the shield is lost, and a new one will need to be picked up.

Each match will be played in two five-minute halves. If the scores are tied, then there will be an extra three minutes of added time. If there is still no clear winner after that, then the team with the most kills or the team with the most valuable player will be declared the winners.

The mode is available now and will be playable until August 2.


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