Travis Scott reportedly earned $20million from ‘Fortnite’ event

“It was an opportunity to go to the max”

Travis Scott’s record-breaking virtual concert in Fortnite reportedly earned significantly more than his average in-person show.

The nine-minute digital concert, which was held in April, grossed the rapper roughly $20million including merchandise sales, according to a new Forbes report. In comparison, Scott’s four-month-long, 56-stop Astroworld tour from 2018 to 2019 garnered approximately $53.5million, or roughly just under $1million per show.

Despite the actual virtual concert’s length, however, it took both Scott and Epic Games (the developer of Fortnite) months to put the event together. According to Forbes, the two parties “spent months going back and forth” to work out the details, with the video game company sending representatives to consult with the rapper in California. Interestingly, Scott himself never visited Epic Games’ North Carolina headquarters.


Scott described the digital event as a chance “to have unlimited fun”. He added: “It was an opportunity to go to the max, to create a world that permits won’t let you do, fire marshals won’t let you do, building codes won’t let you do.”

Epic Games did not comment on the $20million figure, but did say that the success of Scott’s concert showcases the viability of digital performances. “The landscape is changing,” said Epic Games’ head of brand, Phil Rampulla. “You’ve got to bring something that’s awesome. Otherwise it’s ‘That’s just an ad.’ And those things are just getting glossed over.”

Back in October, Scott announced that he had teamed up with Sony on a “strategic creative partnership” for the PlayStation 5. “I’m really looking forward to being able to showcase everything that Cactus Jack has worked on with Sony and the PlayStation team,” he said at the time.

A month later, the rapper unveiled a line of PlayStation-branded shoes with Nike, which he also has a partnership with. The neutral-toned shoe features the PlayStation logo emblazoned on the heel and the sole of the sneaker.

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