Twitch called out by streamer for “sexist” behaviour

Jidion6 claims Twitch unfairly bans male streamers for longer periods than their female counterparts

A former Twitch streamer has made a video on YouTube calling out Twitch for exhibiting “sexist” behaviour and “favouritism”.

Jidion6 claims he was permanently banned on Twitch for directing hate towards the platform’s biggest female streamer, Pokimane, despite becoming close friends with her after apologising for his actions.

In the video, Jidion6 claims that he has witnessed a female streamer engaging in sexual activity with zero censorship on stream, for which she has received just a seven-day ban.


“Twitch: Sexist and Favouritism” is the title of the video, which Jidion6 says is “a very, very bold claim to make”. He then goes on to say, “I want this to be known to the entire world … Twitch has been sexist for years and they have gone unchecked,” before saying that, “they just ignore everything.”

Jidion6 says he became aware of an article with the title “Girl has sexual relations live on stream” and expresses his disbelief at this, wondering why he is still banned. He wonders whether the streamer in question gets permanently banned or, at the least, a month’s ban for this clear breach of Twitch’s terms of service (TOS). Whilst streaming on YouTube he then goes on to say that his chat makes him aware that the now-banned female streamer is live on TikTok.

He proceeds to join her live and ask “the million-dollar question” of how long she is banned for, to which she says it is “seven days.” He expresses shock at the fact that children are known to use the Twitch platform to watch streamers and she has been broadcasting pornographic material, and has only been handed a seven-day ban.

Jidion6 then claims he got a direct message from a “reliable source” which alleges that Twitch contacted Twitter to have their name removed from the Trending tab following a tweet from Jidion6 that detailed the inconsistent banning.

He then goes on to discuss another female streamer who was banned on Twitch for an undisclosed reason, who then went on to Twitter to say she wanted to “shoot” people at Twitch HQ. Her Twitch ban is then extended to a permanent ban, but after issuing an apology to Twitch, they responded to inform her that “the correct enforcement was issued” but upon taking into consideration her apology and remorseful attitude, the ban is then reduced to a further 22 days.


“Literally threatening to harm the people at Twitch HQ, if you write a good apology letter, you know what? Just be banned for a month. You’ll be all good,” he says.

Jidion6 then goes on to discuss a female streamer who showed her genitalia on stream and received a three-day ban.

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Credit: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

“I want to get into examples where Twitch uses their full power against creators of the other sex, starting with myself,” he says, before clarifying that he doesn’t care anymore about Twitch. “Twitch, there can’t be a Terms of Service for girls and then a Terms of Service for boys.”

He then goes on to discuss Dr. Disrespect, a popular Twitch streamer who got banned for reasons that still have not been disclosed by either party. Also discussed is a friend of his, a black creator, who addressed his chat by saying, “Why are you guys acting like monkeys?” and received a one-month ban.

Finally, he discusses how allegedly Twitch likes to “brush things under the rug” and then talks about the fact that a Buffalo shooting was streamed live on Twitch, with no response from the broadcasting website. “What company do you know would do something that heinous, where they won’t even address an act of straight terrorism that happened on their site and just straight up ignored it?”

Jidion6 has created a hashtag “#twitchrespond” and calls to his viewers to use the hashtag in order to draw out a response from Twitch. At the time of writing, his video has exceeded 1.3million views on YouTube.

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