Twitch streamers are asking for a better revenue split

An appeal for better revenue streams

Several Twitch streamers are urging the video streaming platform to revise its current revenue split programme, as many claim it hurts smaller channels’ growth.

A post on Twitch’s UserVoice, as spotted by Eurogamer, added by streamer SaltyWyvern, has gained momentum, eventually becoming the most upvoted post on the entire forum. The post asks that Twitch reassess the revenue split it currently offers streamers and lower the minimum payout threshold that users need to reach before they can withdraw any earnings on the platform.

The post reads: “I believe these recommendations combined would positively make a huge impact for every streamer and supporter.”


“…I would like to see Twitch lower its payout minimum, which is currently $100USD $10-$20 USD. A $100 USD payout is the equivalent t to 40 subscriptions not including bits or ad revenue…”

“For the smaller streamers to benefit from that financial support a viewer gives them, they need to be able to actually receive it in a reasonable amount of time.”

Twitch currently offers a 50/50 split, compared to YouTube, which offers 70/30 in favour of the creators. Facebook recently announced that streamers would receive 100% of any subscriptions purchased for a creator, as long as they were purchased on desktop.

While Twitch is yet to comment on whether or not this will change, the rise of alternatives to the platform suggests that Twitch may be keener to encourage smaller streamers to stick with the purple brand. The Amazon-owned platform also recently enabled users to stream their content in 4K.


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