Ubisoft to reveal next project in new ‘Ghost Recon’ showcase

User leaks from Uplay suggest a title and location ahead of the official announcement

Ubisoft will announce a new Ghost Recon project at 6pm BST on October 5, as part of its anniversary showcase.

Initially announced several weeks ago, the showcase will also contain a tribute to Ghost Recon’s legacy, a behind the scenes look at the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint live events, as well as two unannounced surprises.


Yesterday (October 4), a now-deleted Reddit post had shared a screenshot of a closed test for a new Ghost Recon game advertised through Ubisoft’s proprietary gaming platform, Uplay. While the veracity of the image cannot be confirmed, if it was genuine then the project will be titled Ghost Recon Frontline.

Few other details were included with the supposed leak. The user, who has also since deleted their account,  suggested that the new game would return to a linear style of gameplay in contrast to Breakpoint’s open world concept. Ubisoft Paris, the studio behind this last installment in the series, is reported to working on the project.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint to receive new content in 2021
Tom Clancey’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Credit: Ubisoft

The branch is currently officially developing Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, as announced at the latest Nintendo Direct, and working in collaboration with others to create Beyond Good and Evil 2, which last saw updates back in 2018.

Little else was claimed about the rumoured Ghost Recon Frontline except that it would be a first-person shooter title and that it would take place in modern Vietnam. This would be a new location for the series which has previously visited Russia, Cuba and East Africa.

Whether these early reports were accurate or not will be confirmed at the official stream tonight.


In other news, HTC Vive is also rumoured to announce a new standalone VR headset in October, following a number of cryptic tweets containing the slogan “Go with the Flow”.

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