Ulf Andersson: the ‘GTFO’ story is “coming to an end”

"We'd rather end on a high, you know?"

10 Chambers CEO Ulf Andersson has shared that the story of co-op shooter GTFO is “coming to an end,” as the studio looks ahead to its next project.

Speaking to NME, Andersson shared that although GTFO‘s development team has grown from eight workers to 88, the studio is keen to avoid building endlessly upon the game.

“With GTFO, the story is coming to an end. It’s not super close right now, but we have that on the horizon. We don’t want it to be something where you build and build and build, and it’s like ‘oh there’s no economy in this, so no ending’ – we’d rather end when it’s on a high note, you know? We’ll see what format that [ending] is – we like to mess with you, so probably some weird stuff!”


When asked if GTFO‘s final state could involve a series of rundowns that players can play through to experience the full story, Andersson answered “maybe, if that’s the perfect vision.”

GTFO. Credit: 10 Chambers
GTFO. Credit: 10 Chambers

Reflecting on GTFO‘s development, Andersson said that he’s proud that 10 Chambers has been able to keep the game “very focused on what it is [and] staying true to the concept” despite undergoing major growth. “That’s also why we’re making something else,” added Andersson. “We can’t corrupt this true thing.”

While 10 Chambers may be looking to bring GTFO‘s story to a close, it already has another co-op shooter in the works. Although there’s no release date or title attached to the project just yet, Andersson told NME that it will be “a heist cooperative FPS, and it has sort of a techno-thriller theme.”

“For me, this game is a game that just has to me made,” added Andersson. “I’m back on the heist shit, basically.”

In other gaming news, Microsoft has confirmed that Call Of Duty will continue to launch on the same day for Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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