Unity announces merger with Ironsource

"Ironsource will merge into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unity via an all-stock deal"

Widely popular game creation platform Unity has announced a “merger agreement” with Ironsource, a company that helps users scale their apps into businesses. 

The announcement came via a conference call held earlier today (July 13), with more details later shared via Business Wire. The post states the two companies have “entered into a definitive agreement under which Ironsource will merge into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unity via an all-stock deal, where each ordinary share of Ironsource will be exchanged for 0.1089 shares of Unity common stock.” Once the merger closes, Unity stockholders will own a 73.5 per cent majority, while Ironsource shareholders will own approximately 26.5 per cent.

Inscryption. Credit: Daniel Mullins Games


The post continues: “The companies’ complementary offerings create a unique end-to-end platform that allows creators to create, publish, run, monetize, and grow live games and RT3D [Real-time 3D] content seamlessly.”

Unity CEO John Riccitiello explained that the merger “better supports creators of all sizes by giving them all the tools they need to create and grow successful apps in gaming and other consumer-facing verticals like e-commerce.” Riccitiello continued by noting that this helps to further their vision of “a fully integrated platform that helps creators in every step of their RT3D journey.”

This merger will streamline the creation process, and also allow creators to “leverage” feedback from the “earliest stage”. This sentiment is reiterated by Ironsource CEO Tomer Bar-Zeev, who said that “to succeed today, creators need an extensive set of solutions and products working in concert to power amazing user experiences and sustainable business growth.”

“The combination of Unity and Ironsource brings together every product needed to power that flywheel of growth, in a differentiated platform positioned to lead our category and beyond”, he continued.

Kerbal Space Program
Kerbal Space Program. Credit: Private Division

The deal will bring the entirety of Unity Gaming Services, including Unity game engine and editor, and Unity Ads together with “Ironsource’s best-in-class mediation and publishing platforms”.


This comes following a somewhat tumultuous year for Unity. In June, the company laid off roughly four per cent of its workforce, equating to around 200 total employees. There have also been numerous reports about its stocks dropping throughout 2022.

In other news, Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of Dead or Alive, has created a new studio focused on NFTs and the metaverse.