‘Unpacking’ easter egg teases Witch Beam’s next game

'TemPoPo' artwork can be found within 'Unpacking'

An easter egg in Unpacking has revealed the title of Witch Beam‘s next project and fans only took days to find it once nudged.

The Australian indie studio behind the popular point-and-click story-based game Unpacking recently posted a blog that alluded to an unfound easter egg within the game. On the blog the studio said: “A pixel art rendition of the key art for our next game exists somewhere inside Unpacking, and no one has found it yet! Let us know if you find it!”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this led to players hunting for the hidden clue, and within a few days YouTuber xGarbett managed to find it. It had already been discovered that the games consoles within Unpacking could be turned on and fictional games such as Witch Sports, Lash N’ Dash and Cactus Carts appeared on screen.


In the second apartment setting upon interacting with the Wii-looking console, it turns out the game that appears, TemPoPo, is not fictional. It may be unreleased, but the art for TemPoPo shows up on screen and this is the easter egg Witch Beam allude to in the previous blog post.

The game is also listed on Witch Beam’s website as “Coming Soon,” but there’s no official release date or any further information about the game itself as of yet. The art itself shows a cartoon-style outdoor landscape with a large amorphous pink blob, who could potentially be the game’s protagonist of sorts. The word “tempo” within the game’s title could suggest a music-themed adventure, but we’ll have to wait for further word from Witch Beam to confirm any specifics.

After the success of Unpacking, a moving but simple game about two decades of house moves with the story itself largely open to interpretation by the player, fans will be curious and eager to see what Witch Beam do next with TemPoPo.

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