Unreleased Sykov pistol discovered in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

The gun is based on the Makarov

A Call of Duty: Warzone player has discovered an unreleased Modern Warfare pistol whilst playing the game.

The Sykov pistol is unavailable in Warzone currently, but Reddit user RestlessGoats discovered a way to get the gun into the game.

I was able to get access to the new unreleased Sykov blueprint using weapon drops in Plunder from CODWarzone


The gun is a fully-automatic pistol based on the Makarov, with a 27 round magazine that can be upgraded with an 80 round drum magazine. The Sykov is also eligible for dual wielding.

RestlessGoats explained that they were able to get the gun via a weapon drop field upgrade in a Plunder match. Explaining further, they said: “It only seems to have 5 or 6 different weapons it can give in a single match so you might have to try it in multiple different rounds to get a specific weapon from one.”

They also confirmed that alongside the Sykov, players can randomly acquire the CX-9 SMG and the RAAL LMG, a pair of unreleased weapons.

Responses to the weapon on the page include one user saying “it if gets akimbo im quitting the game” referencing the dual wielding perk, and another saying  “This thing is gonna piss people off, lmao”.

Over the past few weeks, Call of Duty: Warzone has seen waves of bans for cheaters. An update on February 2 from Activision said that the developer was  “committed to delivering a fair and fun experience for all players”.


Developer Raven Software have started giving updates on their ban waves, although they haven’t confirmed details or figures involved in player bans.

The next Call of Duty title is set to come out by the end of the year, and Sledgehammer Games are rumoured to be attached to its development.