Upcoming ‘League Of Legends’ skin labelled “pay-to-lose” by fans

Good for top laners, bad for Tryndamere mains

Nightbringer Tryndamere has been called “pay-to-lose” by League Of Legends players, as a feature of the skin actively gives away when Tryndamere’s invincibility is coming to an end.

As spotted by Dexerto, League Of Legends players are questioning whether Tryndamere’s latest skin actually puts users at a disadvantage. While part of correctly playing against Tryndamere is estimating when his ultimate – total immunity to death – will run out, Nightbringer Tryndamere is circled by a red timer that indicates exactly when his invincibility expires.

It’s an issue that has been taken up by fans and pro players alike. Professional Oceanic-region Jungler, Jackson ‘Pabu22’ Pavone, has questioned whether the timer is a feature “coming to other skins any time soon” or whether it’s simply “not good to use this skin” due to the indicator.


On the fan side, a subreddit thread with almost 4,000 upvotes calls the skin “pay to lose”, though many in the replies point out that the feature should perhaps be extended to the rest of Tryndamere’s skins as guessing when he is vulnerable can be frustrating.

While the official teasers posted by Riot Games include the timer, Reddit user Amsalpotkeh has edited the aforementioned thread with a clip of gameplay taken from the PBE (public beta environment) showing that the timer has seemingly been removed, though it’s unknown whether or not the skin will launch with it.

Ironically, yesterday (September 8) LPL Mid laner and world champion DoinB shared that he thinks Tryndamere is currently very strong and will be considered bannable by other pros at Worlds later this year.

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